What To Expect At Your Appointment

When you call to make an appointment at one of our locations, one of our friendly team members will record some basic information about you and your pet so that you’ll have less to do when you arrive. We will email you a patient history form. This information can really help in making a diagnosis. Please email the form back to us before your appointment to help us make your check-in proceed smoothly. With your permission, we will ask your pet’s primary care veterinarian to provide recent medical records.

If your pet is receiving medications prescribed by their primary care veterinarian, please follow their instructions. To better evaluate ear infections, it may be helpful not to apply medication in the ear canal the morning of your appointment. When the skin is involved, do not bathe your dog the morning of an appointment.

When your pet arrives at our comfortable office, we will do our best to make them feel at home. Please allow at least one hour for your initial appointment. The doctor will review your pet’s history, perform a thorough examination of your pet’s skin and ears, and explain our recommendations for diagnostic tests and treatments. We’ll do our best to answer all of your questions.

Some pets and procedures (like intradermal allergy testing) may require sedation or anesthesia. Most often we will schedule these for another day when your pet has not eaten and we have discussed which medications need to be withdrawn. For intradermal or percutaneous prick allergy testing, these include injectable cortisone (up to 8 weeks), oral predisone (up to 4 weeks), antihistamines (up to 1 week), and topical skin or ear medications that contain cortisone (up to 2 weeks). Atopica® and Apoquel® do not appear to interfere with allergy testing.



Pet Dermatological History Form

Please complete and return to us before your pet’s appointment.

Allergy Test Preparation

Allergy testing may require that certain medications are stopped ahead of time. This handout provides detailed guidelines.