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Our team members love what they do and it shows. Dr. Plant chose veterinary medicine as a career when he was just six years old. He studied dermatology in his second year of veterinary school and he was hooked. You’ll find that all of our team members are dedicated to helping your pet.

Jon D. Plant, DVM, DACVD

Our Services

Skin and ear diseases are common causes of discomfort of dogs and cats. Pet owners are referred to SkinVet by primary care veterinarians when these problems keep recurring, don’t respond to normal therapy, appear unusual, or for the specialized testing and treatment that we offer.

A dermatologist brings a wealth of specialized experience to your pet’s medical team. Chances are we’ve seen your pet’s condition before—this experience guides our recommendations. Nonetheless, diagnostic testing may be needed to diagnose and monitor a pet with skin or ear disease. Because so many dogs have allergies, we are also experts in the use of specialized treatments, like Apoquel®, Cytopoint™, RESPIT®, and allergy immunotherapy.

Allergen Immunotherapy for Atopic Dermatitis
Apoquel® Therapy for Atopic Dermatitis and Allergic Dermatitis
Cytopoint™ Therapy for Atopic Dermatitis
Dietary Recommendations
Ear Cleaning and Video Otoscopy
Flea Products
Hypothyroidism and Hormonal Disease Management
Intradermal Testing for Allergies
Managing Pyoderma
Mange and Parasite Detection and Therapy
Percutaneous Prick Testing for Allergies
Regionally-Specific Immunotherapy (RESPIT®)
Ringworm Diagnosis and Therapy
Skin Biopsy
Surgical Laser Procedures
Tumor Removal with Radiosurgery

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