SkinVet Clinic’s Veterinary Dermatology Testimonials from Pet Parents

Read our veterinary dermatology pet parent testimonials below to see examples of how our clients and patients have received our comprehensive specialty care.

"Thank you is inadequate to express our appreciation for the difference you have made in our pet’s life. We have battled with her allergies for 5 years, and we can hardly recognize the dog we have now. No scratching, twitching, rubbing, or biting."

"Everyone was friendly and seemed very fond of animals. Dr. Plant’s approach to treatment is refreshing. Expensive allergy testing simply would not be in my budget."

"Dr. DeManuelle's expertise in knowing how to treat Cody dramatically improved his quality of life, and also mine as his owner. The love and knowledgeable care Cody and I receive from Dr. DeManuelle and her staff at Allergy and Dermatology Veterinary and Referral Center has made such a positive difference in our lives."

"Everyone was great, from the front office to Dr. Plant. Everyone was considerate, compassionate and really seemed to like dogs. We felt very comfortable and are delighted to have found you."

"Dr. DeManuelle exceeds my expectations each visit with the level of care she gives my 14 year old Westie."

"Every person at the clinic was professional and helpful. Those who didn’t help us personally were kind and nice to our pet. We felt welcome."

"Sophie enjoys all the attention (and treats) from the clinic staff while we appreciate the care and compassion shown by Dr. Demanuelle."

"Customer service and good care is something I really look for and appreciate. Everyone was great. I have done nothing but tell everyone today how wonderful the service and care is. You are doing a really great job."

"Our pets are our children. The respect and attention given by Dr. DeManuelle and the staff of Allergy and Dermatology Referral Center has made them part of our family."

"When referred by my vet I thought, 'Oh no! A specialist! This will be expensive.' I was pleasantly surprised."

"Timber, my German Shepherd, and I both love Dr. DeManuelle and the staff at Allergy & Dermatology Vet Referral Center. When I first brought Timber to Dr. DeManuelle, he was losing the hair on his face from scratching so much. He had yeast infections and a few hot spots. This was hard on Timber's emotional state. He was depressed, not wanting to play and the hot spots were irritating him to the point of hurting. Dr. DeManuelle was very aggressive with Timber's allergies and did an allergy test on the first visit and we started treatment that day. It has been 2 years now since we have been seeing Dr. DeManuelle. Timber still has allergies, but he is on a treatment plan that keeps his allergies under control. For the first time in along time, he has a full coat of hair. He is no longer depressed or sick with the allergies. He now is a happy and healthy agility dog."

"My kitty is different in how he likes to be held- I appreciated that everyone was considerate of that while they did whatever needed to be done whenever that was possible. That helped him be more at ease and I also appreciated having my request be respected."

"Dr. DeManuelle and her staff consistently provide the best care to Lottie and spend the time required to answer my questions. I often find myself comparing the care I receive from my physicians to the care provided to my pets at Allergy & Dermatology Veterinary Referral Center! Very few have met that standard. "

"Everyone was wonderful and we were pleased with our visit. Our pet loved her visit with Dr. Plant and we know she is in excellent hands. We’ve already seen a marked improvement in her condition and that is in less than 24 hours since her first visit."

"My English Bulldog, Bubba came to Dr. DeManuelle a mess! He had constant ear infections, skin condition and was scratching until he was bleeding...we had been to several doctors but nothing helped. We all were miserable! Dr. DeManuelle tested him and got him on a regiment that helped almost immediately! He has been going to her for about 4 months and with his maintenance program he is a different dog. We are all happier! Thank you so much for everything! Dr. DeManuelle and her staff are wonderful and Bubba loves to see them! I highly recommend her for itchy pets! I wish I had known her a lot sooner! P.S. We drive an hour one way to see her!"

"Monday, I looked up a veterinary dermatologist, Jon Plant, on line. I had met him whitewater kayaking on the North Santiam River many years ago. Much to my surprise, he comes to Salem one day a month and sees patients at Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic during the day, when the emergency service is closed. He described a brand new monoclonal antibody treatment (Cytopoint) for atopy. We gave her the injection 29 hours ago. For the first time since Cookie came into our lives, she is itch free. No side effects. A happy dog. Two very happy dog owners."

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