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My newly adopted dog has demodectic mange on her side. I noticed a small spot and had a vet check it, but the hair loss in the area is now growing. He said my newly started Advantage Multi has cleared it up in other patients, so trying that before moving on to the expensive treatment. Is there something else I can be doing while we see if that works? Or should I be doing the expensive treatment before it gets worse? —Kyla, Orlando, FL
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Dear Kyla,

Advantage Multi® is approved for demodectic mange in some countries (not the US) and does appear to have some benefit, especially in milder cases of generalized demodicosis. That said, if there is a single, small spot (or even several spots), this would be considered localized demodicosis, which generally resolves spontaneously. So, what your veterinarian has suggested is sound advice!

Wishing comfortable skin for dog,
The SkinVet, Jon D. Plant, DVM, DACVD
Board-certified veterinary dermatologist
SkinVet® Clinic, PLLC Lake Oswego, OR

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